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Monday, July 12, 2010

New Camera OTW

So, unfortunately, the iphone camera quality doesn't do the decent cakes justice, but rather they blend in with the not-so-decent cakes.  Too bad I waited so long to purchase a new camera in hopes that my nice Sony that simply got a little damp in HHI last July was going to magically work again.  A year later, and I've given in.  I did buy a new one this past weekend, so I guess the poor quality will rest upon the shoulder's of the baker from here on out.

Ben & Ashley Storey's Wedding Festivities

Ashley's Shower Cake

Ben's Groom's Cake

The Flip Flop Process; Happy Birthday Hallie

Cutting Frozen Cake

Imprints and Smoothing w/paper towels

Striping with Candy

Finished Product

Happy Birthday Hallie!

Sveta and Cat's Mini Cupcakes

Leslie's Shower Cake

Petite Fours....Gone Bad

Round 1; won

My first round of blogging has been intimidating, to say the least. It's the simple things, centering, enlarging, etc that has made me feel like the blogging amateur! I believe I'll have to reach out to the pros (the sister-in-laws) for some lessons.

Welcome to my page! Basically, I want to use this page to share my cakes, get feedback as well as challenges. This is a hobby/passion that enables me to play with my artistic side (that hides most of the time).

I look forward to sharing...
First Fondant Cake

Happy Halloween

Happy Birthday D'Aries

First Cake (Fall 2009)